Cultivating Company Culture for Remote Teams

Let’s face it, building a strong company culture can be tough.  But for remote teams? It can feel downright impossible.  No watercooler chats, no shared birthday donuts (unless you get creative with Slack emojis!), and sometimes, it feels like the only interaction you have with colleagues is sending cryptic Slack messages about project deadlines.

We’re here to bust the myth that strong company culture has to stay trapped in a traditional office.  Because guess what?  A killer remote culture can be even more awesome  (and pajama-friendly)  than the real thing.

Think of your company culture as your team’s compass.  It guides them in the right direction, shapes their decisions, and creates a framework for working together – even when miles apart.  

A strong culture means:

  1. Knowing Your Why: Everyone’s on the same page about your company’s purpose and mission. No more feeling lost in the remote work shuffle!
  2. Standing Out From the Crowd: What makes your company unique? A strong culture highlights that and gets your team excited to be a part of it.
  3. Working Like a Well-Oiled Machine: Clear communication protocols and collaboration guidelines keep everyone in sync and productive (no more endless email chains!).
  4. Feeling Valued (and Not Just a Cog in the Machine): Recognition and appreciation go a long way, especially when you’re working remotely. A strong culture fosters a sense of belonging and keeps your team motivated.

So, how do we turn this remote culture dream into a reality?  Here are our top tips:

Define Your Culture Code: It’s like a cheat sheet for your company’s awesomeness. Outline your mission, values, goals, and how you work together. Think of it as the Cliff’s Notes version of your company handbook (but way more fun to read!).
Bonus Tip:  Make it visual!  Slide decks and infographics are your friends.

Create a Psychologically Safe Space:  This means remote team members feel comfortable speaking up, sharing ideas, and even making mistakes (because hey, that’s how we learn!).

Onboarding Like a Boss:  Virtual onboarding sets the tone for a new hire’s experience.  Make them feel welcome, introduce them to the team (even if it’s virtually!), and outline your company culture.

Tip:  Use fun questionnaires to break the ice and help new team members find common ground with their colleagues.

Communication is Key:
  Clear communication is the foundation of any successful team, and it’s even more important when you’re remote.  Set communication protocols and establish collaboration tools to keep everyone in the loop.


Show You Care:  Remote employees can sometimes feel like they’re “out of sight, out of mind.”  Fight that feeling by recognizing and appreciating their contributions!  Public shout-outs in Slack, employee of the month awards, or even a surprise care package can go a long way.

Invest in Your Team:
  Happy employees are productive employees!  Offer opportunities for personal and career development, like education stipends, virtual workshops, or mentorship programs.

Make Time for Team Bonding (Even Virtually):  Remote work can feel isolating.  Schedule virtual happy hours, book club meetings, or friendly competitions to help your team connect on a personal level.
Tip:  Water cooler chats can go virtual too!  Create a dedicated Slack channel for casual conversations and team bonding.

Feedback is Your Friend: The best way to know if your culture is working is to ask your team! Conduct anonymous employee surveys to measure engagement and get valuable feedback.


Building a strong remote company culture takes effort, but the rewards are endless.  A happy, engaged team is a productive team, and that’s a win-win for everyone!  So, put on your favorite comfy clothes, grab your laptop, and let’s build a remote work dream team together!


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