The Creative Churn: Consume, Connect and Create.

Creativity is the marriage of inspiration, obsession, and freedom. But creativity alone doesn’t ensure the fruition of something useful — the secret ingredient here is ‘method’. This method to the madness is what we’re cutely coining ‘The Creative Churn’. More than a guideline to ensure ‘out of the box’ thinking, this is more of a best practice that points your energies in the directions that leads straight out through the roof of the box. Here’s an acquaintance to the 3Cs of process:

Consume — Absorb the Energy
The more you know your subject, the better you know the ideal persona who’s going to buy into your message. Don’t just Google your subject, go out there, use the product and speak to people — know how they feel about it, what the underlying insights are and basically just get under the skin of the subject.

Connect — Shape the Energy
Now that you have your mental raw material in place, you need to find a quiet spot to initially first reflect and process everything and eventually bounce your seminal thoughts off other people who may or may not have involved before. Something to note here is that creativity should never be the result of an isolated mind; it’s always a good thing to have an honest sounding board.

Create — Utilise the Energy
Now the real proof of the pudding lies in the execution of your idea(s). Creativity that doesn’t take life through execution is as good as dreaming. If the idea is truly strong enough, you’ll find a way to bring it to life. Truth be told, committed execution can even make mediocre ideas look like Gold.

So this here is the standard creative preamble. It might be difficult to execute each step perfectly but just having the intent there to do it is going to go a long way and it’s going to show in your work.

Now whenever inspiration strikes and your creative juices begin doing their thing, try to approach it with a 360-degree view of things first, and then begin the art of shaping the connection into an admirable creation.


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