Why Creative Meditation deserves more legitimacy?

Creative Meditation is not some avant-garde form of meditation; it really isn’t meditation at all (as per the common Millennial definition of meditation). It’s that mysterious subconscious exercise creative people practice between the brief and self-induced panic to give the brief the most creative solution. Debates have always raged about the efficacy of this stage of the creative — is there no way to systematically arrive at a good looking or sounding solution without the excessive cigarette brakes, YouTube binges, inspiration runs and void-staring sessions? There could be, but we would rather stick to this.

Creative Meditation is essentially the ‘Incubation’ phase of the Creative process wherein you create ideas, discard ideas, form connections, look for loopholes, stray far into foreign territory, come back to base and then reach creative illumination. This is an ongoing process that we try to activate through creative stimulants like Art and Music, making the process a way of being altogether. This way of being inevitably interacts with our personal lifestyle habits and this leads to the creation of one’s own customideation environment inside the mind. After a few cycles of this entire process and a few rejected eureka moments, you arrive on to the right one; the real moment of illumination where you’re satisfied and so is the client.

Unfortunately and fortunately this entire exercise can be documented only so much, and even that documentation can never truly serve as the explanation of the beauty or lack thereof of the solution. This is because the solution must be able to sustain itself in a vacuum. But in spite of the superfluousness,the solution arrived at is in its entirety the culmination of genuine human experiences and there really is no replacement for that. This is not to say that it’s to alright waste time if you’re given a creative task, but what it should mean is that you never overstep experience when it comes to implementation. You’re never truly ever going to be able to package creativity as a product.



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