The thrifty brand’s guide to making videos.

Want to sound original and be a head-turner brand?

Communicate Strongly. ‘Strong’ doesn’t have to imply ‘loud’. A simple message with a clear intent and crisp framework will deliver.

But, how do you reach out to millions of users in a fraction of a second?

Through videos.

Brands, in order to get the maximum engagement in the least amount of time, rely on videos. Video is the most accessible carrier of information. It is versatile and follows a certain trajectory towards establishing the relationship between the audience and the narrative, directly.

Moreover, it’s easily shareable across multiple platforms at the blink of an eye.

So, here are a few tips on how to make videos the smartest way possible (and by being thrifty):

  1. Stock up the raw material: Collect video content for your brand at every opportunity. You don’t necessarily have to have the greatest camera. A good phone is enough. You never know what projects will come your way. But with a stockpile of random shots, you’ll always find something to utilize in the future whenever any project comes your way.
  2. That razor-sharp learner: Spot that person with video making/editing skills and get him on-board. Or get one person in the office to learn some After Effects and Premier Pro. This ensures a smoother sail across the marketing tide in the digital media and it’ll go a long way.
  3. Cheap Chills: Invest in relatively cheaper stock and template. Get subscriptions to, say, Envato Elements.
  4. Beware of bad audio: Your audience is smart. You cannot get them to like a video that has a poor audio quality. So, DO NOT compromise on the audio equipment.
  5. Pick up budding influencers: This fresh lot of talented young people have a massive following. So, put them on a project payroll since they’re always open to such opportunities and looking for good work.
  6. Climb outside your comfort zone: Choose BOLD content. When you have the skeleton in place, everything else just adds to and enhances its quality. If you’re going to invest less, might as well go for a little SHOCK VALUE.
  7. Don’t get lost in trends: Even if trends pose as the absolute crowd-puller, dare to stand out. Strive to roll out original content. Walk-in reverse because you wouldn’t want to be just another clickbait and summon the devil’s curse (the audience’s exhaustion with meaningless viral content!).
  8. Catchy thumbnails: Spend time researching on thumbnails. This is your real hook. If thumbnails aren’t drool-worthy (or simply attention-grabbing), it’s a passé.
  9. Gift of the gab: Find that person in your office who has impeccable communication skills and is a great presenter. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the CEO. That person can be a good spokesperson for your company.
  10. WELL, DON’T BE THRIFTY AT ALL: Money can buy good quality equipment. And the better your tools, the greater your output.

You only lose the whole objective behind making a video if you skimp on the basics. All the above-mentioned points are valid but if you want to make an impactful video and wish to make it stand out, money talks!

This is it. This is your get-creative-pocket-manifesto. Now, go shoot that goddamn video.

(Spend all your money. Who cares!)


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